Jun 11, 2021 · CPTSD – the Thief of Time. There is no word to describe the feeling. I tried time after time to define this knot of emotions. It is a task that is beyond my ability. I cannot find a singular word that describes the feeling. I keep looking but, for the moment I carry this undefined weight with me.. Procrastination is the thief of time; Year after year it steals, till all are fled, And to the mercies of a moment leaves. The vast concerns of an eternal scene. A similar thought is found in Robert Greene’s Gwydonius (1584), in which he wrote that delaying breeds danger and that “ procrastination in perils is but the mother of mishap .”.. Harrison Houk is a landowner and dealer of Anasazi antiquities. He is also the lone survivor after his son murdered the rest of the family and allegedly drowned. He. "/>Thief of time